Primary School

Early Years and Primary education at our school consists of two years of the Early Years cycle and five years of the Primary cycle. The Primary school has five language sections: English, Dutch, Spanish, French and German. Our SWALS pupils (Students Without A Language Section) are placed in the language section of one of the official vehicular languages: English, German, French, or in the section of the host country language (Dutch). ESH also currently offers Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Polish and Finnish mother tongue tuition.

At the ESH, the youngest and oldest pupils in the Early Years classes work together in a mixed group. In this way, the pupils learn from each other and with one another. In the school, there are also combined year group classes in the Spanish language section due to the lower number of pupils in a year group.

Pupils take the majority of the subjects in their own language section but to encourage playing and learning together and to facilitate the children in making friends with children from the other sections at a young age, a number of lessons are organised in mixed language groups. In the Primary cycle these mixed groups occur during PE, Music, Art and European Hours lessons. In the Early Years pupils have combined activities during Friendship Zone.



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