Secondary School

The Secondary school opened in September 2014 with Years S1-S3. We now offer secondary education up to and including S6. Additional year groups are opened annually, culminating in our first European Baccalaureate in summer 2019.

Secondary education in the European Schools lasts for a total of seven years, divided into three cycles: The Observation Cycle S1-S3, The Pre Orientation Cycle S4-S5,The Orientation Cycle S6-S7.

At ESH we aim to provide a modern, stimulating and relaxed learning environment. Our ethos and educational philosophy is to create and nurture multicultural, multilingual, responsible, tolerant and aware European citizens.

The European Schools have the two objectives of providing formal education and of encouraging pupils’ personal development in a wider social and cultural context.Formal education involves the acquisition of competences – knowledge, skills and attitudes across a range of domains. Personal development takes place in a variety of spiritual, moral, social and cultural contexts. It involves an awareness of appropriate behaviour, an understanding of the environment in which pupils live and a development of their individual identity.

These two objectives are nurtured in the context of an enhanced awareness of the richness of European culture. Awareness and experience of a shared European life should lead pupils towards a greater respect for the traditions of each individual country and region in Europe, while developing and preserving their own national identities.

Canteen Service

Healthy eating

Students at ESH can enjoy freshly prepared meals in the school canteen. The catering company LOF Catering prepares warm lunches using fresh ingredients that are supplied on a daily basis. A choice of desserts is available and a selection of fruit provided with every meal. The canteen can cater for special dietary requests or allergies. All meals meet the requirements set by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Canteen team (coordinator, chef, supervisors)

The canteen team consists of lunchtime supervisors,  chefs and team coordinators. The strength of the team is the diversity of knowledge and backgrounds whilst striving for the same goal: making sure all pupils are provided with a healthy meal and have a nice time during their lunch break. The chefs are both devoted to creating a new and diverse menu every month in order to provide nutritious meals for ESH pupil lunchtimes.


LOF Catering would be delighted to provide your child(ren) with a tasty and fresh meal at the canteen. It is possible to register for the canteen lunch for 1 to 5 days a week. On Wednesdays we only serve lunch for the Secondary school students. Please fill in the registration form here.
You can expect an invoice by email for the lunches consumed per term approximately every three months. Lunch costs €4,75 per day and includes a dessert and piece of fruit. We do not charge for absent days (sickness, school trips etc.).

Parents are responsible for de-registering their child from the Canteen services by emailing

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